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Avoiding Pitfalls In Online Gambling
by casinoguide.com

Avoiding Pitfalls In Online Gambling - Moving Up

Many people who discover online gambling get hooked very quickly. Online gambling can be a great deal of fun and if you hit a winning streak, very profitable in the short term as well. Those who get involved in online gambling should avoid a number of common pitfalls. One of these involves the stakes at which individuals play. Always stay updated for gambling news online for more valuable tips.

Online Gambling Pitfall - Moving up Too Quickly

One trap that it is easy to fall into in online gambling is moving up in stakes. Here's how it works. You log on with your $50 bankroll for some five dollar blackjack. You win one, two, three hands in a row. Then a blackjack.

Then you double down and win. Then you split and win. Suddenly you have $200 in front of you. Excited about how quickly you are winning money, you decide to move to a bigger game.

The Beginning of the End

You play $25 blackjack, win a few and lose a few, but now are up to $400. You decide to take a shot at $100 blackjack to see if you can win the real money.

Your first hand you receive two 8s against a dealer 6. Perfect. You split and get a 3 on the first 8. Naturally, you double down and get a 9, for an impressive 20. The other 8 gets a 2 on it so you double again and get another 9, for a less impressive but still strong 19.

Your heart sinks as the dealer flips over his hole card to reveal a 5. You can almost see through the next card as he turns over a king for 21 and sweeps your entire $400 away.

Avoiding the Moving up Pitfall

What happened? Did you play incorrectly? Not at all. You played perfectly, you just got greedy. Money management is definitely the best way to avoid the moving up pitfall.

If you continued at the five dollar level, or even if you just doubled or tripled your bet to $10 or $15, you could have played for a long time and probably shown a nice profit. By moving up, you put yourself in a position to win more quickly, but also to lose more quickly. You got into a situation in which your bankroll could not sustain the variance of the game and you were wiped out.

Play at reasonable stakes relative to your bankroll and move up incrementally and you should maximize the enjoyment of your playing experience.

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