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The 2008 WSOP Championships
by pokerlistings.com

Originally, the $10,000 no limit Texas hold'em main event was the biggest buy-in event of the World Series of Poker. In 2006, the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event was added in response to the pros desire for a "players championship". Today, no doubt to generate interest and large prize pools, there are no less than eight $10,000 events, each one a "championship" of some kind. WSOP satellites will be available for most of these events.

WSOP Championship Event No. 1: World Championship of Pot Limit Hold'em

Right out of the gate, the first event of World Series of Poker 2008 will be the pot limit hold'em championship. Since many consider pot limit to be a more skillful game than no limit, you can bet that all your favorite pros will be taking a shot at this one.

WSOP Championship Event No. 2: World Championship of Mixed Hold'em

Next on the $10,000 championship docket is event number eight, the mixed hold'em championship. In this variant, rounds alternate between limit and no limit hold'em, providing experts in both types of hold'em a chance to build chips.

WSOP Championship Event No. 3: World Championship of Seven Card Stud

Seven card stud was the other standard poker game played by pros before no limit hold'em got so popular. You should see plenty of pros in this event, many you have heard of and many who specialize in stud and haven't received as much television time.

WSOP Championship Event No. 4: World Championship of Heads Up No Limit Hold'em

A new event probably inspired by the Internet, this championship is in its second year and the one most likely to provide a young Internet hot shot with a bracelet.

WSOP Championship Event No. 5: World Championship of Limit Hold'em

Limit hold'em is not as conducive to tournament play as no limit is, but there are plenty of limit players out there and you can expect them to turn up in numbers for the championship.

WSOP Championship Event No. 6: World Championship of Omaha Hi/Lo Split

Many people feel that the next evolution of poker will see a surge in the popularity of Omaha 8 or better. This championship may give viewers a preview of what's to come.

WSOP Championship Event No. 7: World Championship of Pot Limit Omaha

The PLO World Championship has been around for some time and many pros look forward to the event. This year should be no different.

WSOP Championship Event No. 8: $50,000 H.O.R.S.E.

This event, renamed posthumously for poker legend Chip Reese, is the one the pros most want to win and the one most indicative of all-around poker skill.

WSOP Championship Event No. 9: World Championship of No Limit Texas Hold'em

The granddaddy of 'em all, the no limit hold'em championship remains the main event of the World Series and its most coveted prize.

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