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Pre-Tournament Golf Betting
by Mike Boozer

Years ago, referring to betting golf, my colleague would say "Boozer, there's gold in them there hills." And years ago he was correct, betting golf had a gold rush flavor, it wasn't if we won, it was how much?

Unfortunately, the current landscape of pre-tournament wagering has gone from a boom town into a ghost town.

This week I had an epiphany. It became ever so clear, that the profit potential when betting golf before the event is nothing more than a dried up oil well. Fortunately, most books have upgraded betting menus that now include the LPGA, Champions, and European Tour. Moreover, some progressive books offer round by round and revised price options. So, below are two reasons why in today's betting climate it's best to start investing after the first round and wager in the world of revised odds.

1. Vegas Odds makers are better match makers.

While watching the emotional humiliation of the Ryder Cup it became crystal clear as to the betting angle I'd employ for this week's AMEX Championship in London England. I was going to look for 2 man tournament match ups with an emotional mismatch. For example, any American golfer vs. a European golfer would be under investigation. Like last week's article I was going to continue to ride the Euros wave of momentum. Guess what? Don Best, a sports service and the bible to most North American sports books, didn't have a single match up involving an American vs. European. I was SHOCKED! Not only did they cancel my date with "MO MONEY," it proved they have someone very competent managing the golf department.

2. Pre-tournament misinformation.

Accurately handicapping the tournament course, now more than ever, determines the punter's success or failure. During the gold rush an incompetent Vegas odds maker would give the key to the vault by mismatching players' strengths and weaknesses. For example, after handicapping a course that requires accuracy, Vegas would mistakenly match an accurate player against a stronger longer player. The mismatch was so bad that the need for detailed course information was less a priority. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Hence, there is a greater need for detailed information on course conditions. And unless you are at the site it's to risky. Thus, watching the 1st round can potentially answer vital questions that tilt the betting edge towards a consciences punter.

Handicapping golf is ever evolving and in the last 3 years the North American wagering landscape has changed exponentially. As little as four years ago North American sports books offered nothing more than bad Las Vegas PGATOUR outright odds, and 72 hole 2 man match ups.

With the enemy (Vegas Odds Makers) improving it's game; golf betting is a game of cat-and-mouse. So, if you seem to be losing bets before the tournament, consider waiting and finding an edge during the tournament.

Revised prices give us players more time to pan for gold.

5Dimes Sportsbook