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Final Four Betting: How Big of a Role Will Leadership Play?
by Bovada Sportsbook

NCAA's top 25 basketball teams may be loaded with talent, but many of them are surprisingly short on seniors. And more often than not - an upperclassman has been named Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four.

Betting on the Final Four is a Thrill

March Madness brings out the bettor in all of us. Ever since college basketball was first televised - at Madison Square Garden in 1940 - its popularity has continued to boom. In those first televised games, Pittsburgh defeated Fordham, 57-37, and New York University beat Georgetown, 50 to 27. Now, March Madness is consistently one of the most watched and bet upon events of the year. An estimated $4 billion - double the amount wagered on the Super Bowl - will be bet worldwide on the tournament, including a third over the Internet.

Bets on the Final Four going into this year's NCAA Tournament are expected to go through the roof.

Shortly after the NCAA selection committee announces on March 16 the 65 teams that will kick off the start of March Madness, offices across the country will be abuzz, frantically trying to get pool sheets in order and circulated among employees. Online betting will become fierce. As the tournament progresses and teams are eliminated, more and more bettors will come out of the woodwork to place wagers on the Sweet 16 and the Elite Eight. Everyone wants to pick a national champion and doing so becomes easier as the field narrows.

Which brings us to the Final Four.

Recent NCAA champions have had at least one thing in common: the leadership of upperclassmen, especially seniors. As a sports fan betting on the Final Four, that's something you should consider - experience. While sportsbook managers will strongly advise you to wager on a team's record against the spread (ATS) at the start of the tournament, when it comes to Final Four betting you should focus on intangibles such as a team's mettle. Teams that have depth and strong senior leadership stand a good chance of winning the title.

College basketball's faithful followers will probably agree that older players have been through the battles, they've experienced the pressure that comes with this level of competition and they understand what it's all about. They're prepared to shoulder the responsibility of carrying their team through to the Final Four. And on a team that doesn't have a lot of seniors; an upperclassman can provide the kind of leadership and enthusiasm that spreads down the roster - and even over to the coaching staff.

Final Four Betting Tips

When March Madness gets under way, bet on teams that play with the most heart. But when it comes down to placing your bets on the Final Four, go for talent and experience. Emotion can get a team off to a fast start, but over the course of a brutal schedule the teams with both those strengths generally prevail.

"Seniors may struggle, but freshmen will falter." Although not entirely foolproof, it's become a popular phrase with bettors who like to back battle-tested players.

While Cinderella teams may make the headlines through the early rounds, by the time the Final Four bets are settled you're likely to see top-seeded teams fighting for the coveted championship title.

Final Four betting, there's nothing else like it.

Here's to an enjoyable and profitable month of March Madness betting!

5Dimes Sportsbook