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Betting On the NFL Preseason
by Bovada Sportsbook

Ahhh! Preseason football; the first taste of pro pigskin, the time to watch rookies make names for themselves and for Peyton Manning's backup, Jim Sorgi, to actually see the field.

Bet on Football

Most of all, however, it's the first chance to bet on football. Some feel betting on preseason is as profitable as investing in a Lindsay Lohan flick, but if you can see past the sloppy play you can start banking bucks before the real season begins.

Preseason Football Odds and Betting Tips:

The Pros are Gone By Halftime

Nothing compares to the anticipation of watching the Hall-of-Fame Game - the first game of football since the Pro Bowl on February 10. But the thrill is gone once the second half kicks off and you start seeing dudes you'd swear were bagging your groceries a week ago. The second half of a preseason game is all about coaches figuring out who their backups, third stringers, and cuts are, so don't place any bets expecting four quarters of offensive and defensive dominance. In the end, it's best to take to the home team regardless of the squads involved, as eventually it'll be practice-squad player versus practice-squad player.

Take the Under

In '06, 72 out of 130 preseason games went under the total (54 went over, and four were pushes), that's 55 percent of the games played. NFL teams are still trying to get their groove back in preseason, miscues are made, passes are dropped, balls are fumbled and scores are low. Oddsmakers usually prepare for this
by making their totals lower than normal, but it still doesn't matter. Preseason is pro ball at its ugliest, make money off that ugliness and take the under more often than not.

Know Your Coaches

Not all NFL coaches approach preseason the same. Some don't care about winning the games, some think it's an opportunity to evaluate their young talent, some feel it's the chance to work on new offense, and some think it's four games too long.

Knowing what type of coach you're dealing with will go a long way in helping you make the right wager. Does he only leave his starters in for one series? Does he use a lot of trick plays? Does he run the football more than usual? Does he use a vanilla defense?

If you know how the coach is approaching the game, you'll know which team will pay off.

Beware of Preseason Injuries

As much as preseason is about bringing along new talent, if coaches could risk playing their starters more they would. The fear is injury.

Imagine the outrage for Giants fans if they lost Manning for the year because he was still playing in the fourth quarter? How quickly would Chargers coach Norv Turner be fired if he ran LaDainian Tomlinson 35 times and he tears his ACL on the 35th carry?

That's why coaches are usually very cautious with their superstars in preseason. Don't be surprised if you see a player on the DL with a hangnail, or staying on the sideline with the always mysterious "flu-like" symptoms. Preseason is more about survival than preparation for the Mannings and Tomlinsons of the NFL,
therefore, it's good to check on their status to see if they'll be playing.

5Dimes Sportsbook