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Football Betting Tips
by Website Staff

Follow these NFL and College football betting tips and strategies to become a consistent winner.

1. Stay away from three game and larger parlays. The odds of winning a three game parlay against the spread is 1/8 or 12.5%.

2. Only bet Teasers if the teased number crosses 3 and 7. For example teasing +2.0 to +8.0 or -8.0 to -2.0

3. Bet the same amount on every game unless you have used maths to calculate your edge.

4. Have at least three fully funded sportsbook accounts to shop for the best line.

5. Take advantage of reduced juice sportsbooks and sportsbook bonuses.

6. Only buy a half point on or off a 3.0 point line for 20 cents or less and a 7.0 point line for 10 cents or less.

7. Calculate power ratings for every team and use them to create betting odds that can be compared to the sportsbooks line.

8. Rushing offense and defense are the most important football handicapping statistics and should always be considered when fine tuning power ratings and evaluating a team's performance.

9. Generally more value is found betting underdogs especially versus division rivals and early in the season.

10. It is usually best to bet favorites early, when the opening line is released. Better prices on underdogs can normally be found later in the week, just before the closing line.

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