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Although blindly following a good handicapper can be profitable it is possible to boost profits with these techniques.

Line shopping is a simple method that every serious sports bettor uses. In fact, most people do something very similar every day. It is bargain shopping or getting the best price and you should be doing the same thing every time you place a bet.

You may be surprised how widely sports betting odds can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. At first thought getting an extra half point on your football wager may not seem like much of a benefit but over the long haul it will add up to more wins and increased profits.

If you have just one sportsbook account, you are missing out on extra income that takes very little effort to earn. Take the time to open accounts at a minimum of three sportsbooks dividing your bankroll among them.

Knowing the value of a half point, especially on key numbers is another technique used by sports bettors to find an edge. A key number is any point spread where there is a relatively high chance of the bet ending in a push.

For example a sportsbook might offer -3.0 (-110) on the favorite while another sportsbook has a point spread of -2½ (-130) on the same team. The bettor must risk $1.10 to win $1.00 if they are willing to lay -3.0 points but if they want to lay only -2½ points they must risk $1.30 to win $1.00. The advantage of laying -2½ points is that if the favorite wins by exactly three points and covers the bettor wins their bet instead of pushing.

So the question is what is the best bet? Essentially you are buying a half point for 20¢ if you want to bet the favorite at -2½. The half point chart shows you when it is advantageous to buy or sell a ½ point. If the cost of a half point is less than the price shown on the chart then buying the hook will give you an advantage.

Using the half point chart you can see that the fair value to pay to buy down from -3.0 to -2½ is 17¢ which is lower then the price offered by the sportsbook. In this case -3.0 (-110) is the better bet.

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