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Should You Be Using a Sportsbook Broker?
by Website Staff

For years sports betting brokers have been a necessary tool for professional bettors but recently we have seen an increasing number of amateur bettors finding value at these brokerages. Sports betting brokers or agents act as a conduit between gamblers and previously unavailable sports betting markets.

Some sportsbooks do not accept new accounts from players living in countries with unreasonable gambling restrictions. Brokers licensed in nations that regulate sports betting can offer agent accounts to gamblers from these sportsbooks. In return the sportsbooks pay the broker a small percentage of the total dollar amount wagered by gamblers who bet through the agent account.

The broker completes the sportsbook registration process on behalf of the player. The transfer of funds to and from the sportsbook always pass through the player's agent account. This adds an extra level of security for the customer with the broker acting as the player's advocate and helping to ensure their money is safe.

When registration process is complete the broker gives the player unique credentials to logon to the sportsbook and place wagers. Normally wagers are placed directly at the sportsbook's site no differently than if the player had registered the account themselves. In some cases, bets are placed at mirror sites or from a betting interfaces but always at the same odds that are available from the sportsbook's main site.

Brokers often represent betting sites who are focused on Asian markets, offering odds and wager types that are attractive to gamblers living in the Far East. Soccer and basketball are the most popular sports in these countries but sports bettors from other parts of the world have discovered that some Asian sportsbooks offer better odds than traditional offshore betting operations. It is not uncommon to find the best line and more value at Asian sportsbooks even when betting on North American sports such as the NFL or NCAA basketball.

Another benefit of using a sports betting broker is having access to multiple sportsbook accounts through one betting platform. For more information read our review of asian connect licensed in Curacao. They offer gamblers the option of wagering at up to nine different sportsbooks including Pinnacle Sports and Matchbook Exchange.

Most Asian sportsbooks offer high betting limits required by professional bettors. They also welcome action from sports market investors who use arbitrage and hedging strategies to guarantee a profit.

Over the last two years we have noticed many recreational bettors migrating to brokers. Although gambling is not their full-time occupation, they are educated sports bettors and know the importance of being able to shop for the best line and betting at reduced juice prices.

Thanks to brokers all gamblers now have the option to wager safely at sportsbooks that were previously unavailable to them. Sportsbooks that offer numerous markets, high betting limits and the best odds.

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